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The Art Of Fishing Communities -

Billingsgate Fish Market

Billingsgate Fish Market - dwarfed by the ever growing London skyline. March 2004.

This website provides a focus for the study of art in British fishing communities. The term "art" is used here in its widest sense to include fishing methods, ropework, rag rugs, narrative (stories, myths, poems), traditions and festivals (Herring Queen, Blessing of the Fleet), music (folksongs, hymns, choirs), Dress (women and men - working/festival dress, suits, ganseys), paintings, superstitions and so on.

The website is intended to provide an interesting site for all who wish to view it, and to provide a forum for discussion on the nature and purpose of art in fishing communities.

A more recent development of this project involves interviewing the women in fishing communities (and a few men,too!). Some material can be found under the topic 'Women's Voices' on this site. We will add more as soon as time allows. In the meantime if you would like to help either by interviewing, transcribing inverviews or in any other way, do contact the project director, Stephen Friend at If, after looking at this website, you think you may be able to contribute material that could be included please email the editors, Stephen Friend and Sue Yore, with details.

Grimsby Dock Tower
April 2004
Given the large amount of material now becoming available from countries other than Britain, we have begun to include this material here. For example, Under "Sculpture" there is some fascinating material from Australia.

The two pictures here illustrate important and (in their day) imposing architectural symbols at Grimsby and Billingsgate.

All pictures are by Stephen Friend unless otherwise indicated.

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